Image by Adam Wilson


The world is a strange place right now, isn’t it? Lots of changes, uncertainly and more ins and outs than we care to mention!


With that in mind, at a time where meeting up is restricted and let’s face it, a little weird, Two Thirds has the perfect solution - why not let us bring a tasting experience to you?


We can provide beers from a range of styles and breweries all delivered to your door and host a virtual tasting to talk you through them.

Maybe this will add that little something extra to your family party, quiz or corporate event? Joining together, learning a bit about beer and feeling a connection with your loved ones or work colleagues, all within the comfort of your own space - sounds excellent right?

What you can expect from a Two Thirds tasting event:

3 beers representative of 3 different styles

Tasting notes for each beer

Access to a virtual tasting event (10-100 people)

One day, when it’s safe, we’ll get back to hosting Tasting Events and sharing our beer knowledge with you at unique locations, parties and gatherings…IRL, but for now we can bring all the fun of a night out to you. If you want to talk to us about this, please reach out.