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I'm Joe and I love beer! So much so I decided to quit my career and follow my passion for it. I've never felt so excited by an industry and love the growing connection between art and beer.

I've been lucky enough to visit some of Europe's best breweries and sample beers from around the globe. In fact, since my love affair started I haven't stopped; always seeking out new brews and up and coming breweries.


I worked in a brewpub where I got first-hand experience of the brewing process, my favourite part of my role was working out people's likes and dislikes and matching a beer to their tastes.

I live in Southsea. A place where street artists love to come and share their latest creations. Our city supports it’s vibrant street art scene and this has led to a street art and beer trail to celebrate my two greatest passions.

Nothing brings me more joy than connecting with people over a pint. So, whether you want to lock horns about which breweries are the best, or learn more about the different styles, Two Thirds is here for you.  

Whether you want to book a virtual tasting, a private event, a pop-up bar or, you just want to lose yourself for a few hours in beer and street art chat, I'd love to hear from you.